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Attachment of liquid nitrogen container

The attachment of liquid nitrogen tank with our professional manufacturers and suppliers here at Our factory is equipped with the most advanced equipment and technology at your service. Check the price and wholesale with us now.

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TIANCHI foot-type ydb-5 cryo liquid nitrogen pump is only suitable for liquid nitrogen tanks of 30 liters and above 50 diameters
it rely on electric pump or a foot pump, liquid nitrogen container to store the liquid nitrogen amount of gasification, due to the volumetric liquid nitrogen is relatively large, the gasified nitrogen in a sealed container for containing liquid nitrogen pressurization, prompting discharged containers containing liquid nitrogen. 
Liquid nitrogen to supplement the container object, it has the advantages of convenient and reliable operation, the evaporation loss of liquid nitrogen in the low. 
ydb-5 cryo liquid nitrogen pump
ydb-5 cryo liquid nitrogen pump
ydb-5 cryo liquid nitrogen pump
ydb-5 cryo liquid nitrogen pump
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