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Veterinary ultrasound machines equipment is a cattle and horses of Color screen he rectal probe

Veterinary ultrasound machines and ultrasonic equipment is a cattle and horses of Color screen he rectal probe with our professional manufacturers and suppliers China TIANCHI.Our factory is equipped with the most advanced equipment and technology at your service. Check the price and wholesale with us now.

Product Details
Application:Wide applications: Swine, Equine, Bovine, Sheep, Cat, Dog etc.

General tips for device operation

In operation
1. Heat radiation holes are strictly prohibited to be covered.
2. After shutdown, do not restart the device within 2 - 3 minutes.
3. When scanning, if any abnormal case is found, stop scanning immediately and shut down the device.
After operation
1. Power off the device.
2. Pull out the plug from power supply socket instead of pulling the cable.
3. Clean off the couplant on the probe with soft medical sterilized cotton ball.

Transportation:Signs on the packing box conform to Iconograph and sign of packing, storage and transportation(GB/T191-2008).Simple shockproof establishment is fitted within the box, which applies to aviation, railway, highway or steamship transportation. Keep dry, avoid inversion and collision.
● Equipment should be taken out from the packing when storage time exceeds six months, power on it for four hours, and then pack it correctly and keep it in a warehouse. The device must not be piled, and do not place it closely against the floor, walls or roof.
● Keep it well ventilated, do not expose it to strong sunlight or caustic gases.

Main unit maintenance
●Instrument operation environment should be according to "2.1 operation environmental requirements".
● If the device enclosure needs cleaning, shutdown the device first and then wipe with alcohol sponges.
● Device should not be turned on and off frequently.
● When the device does not work for a long time, pack the device according to the instructions on the packing. Store it properly in the warehouse. The storage environment should accord to Transportation and storage environmental requirements.
Veterinary ultrasound machines equipment
Veterinary ultrasound machines equipment
1.To ensure operational safety and long-term stable equipment performance, please read this operation manual closely and understand the device functions, operation and maintenance at all points before operating the device, especially contents of "Warning", "Caution" and "Note". Misoperation or inobservance of the instructions given by manufacturer or its agents may result in device damage or personal injury.
2.The following convention works through this manual to lay special emphasis on some information.
(1) "Warning": Neglect of it will cause severe personal injury, death or estate loss.
(2)"Caution": Neglect of it will cause slight personal injury or property damage.
(3) "Note": To remind user of installation, operation or maintenance information. This information is very.
Significant but with no risk. Any warning against dangers shall not be contained in NOTE.
Warranty description
When the product is repaired, please send this warranty card and the purchased products to our service department
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