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Large screen portable veterinary B ultrasound scanner diagnostic apparatus and pregnancy scan animal B ultrasound of the convex array probe

Large screen portable veterinary B ultrasound scanner diagnostic apparatus and pregnancy scan animal B ultrasound of the convex array probe with our professional manufacturers and suppliers here at factory is equipped with the most advanced equipment and technology at your service. Check the price and wholesale with us now."

Product Details
1.The device adopts technologies such as microcomputer control and digital scanning converter (DSC), large dynamic broadband low-noise preamplifier, logarithmic compression, dynamic filtration, edge enhancement etc. to ensure legible, stable and high resolution images.
2.Display modes: B, B+B, 4B, B+M, M         Gray scales : 256
3.Realize real time image display, frozen, zoom, store, up/down left/right reversal and Cine-loop. Multi-level scanning depth to choose, dynamic range, frame parameter adjust and focuses, focus location move. 16 body marks.
4.Comment : date & time, name, sex, age, doctor, Pasture, annotation, distance, circumference, area, volume.
5.PAL-D video out, link to video printer or video device. USB 2.0 for real-time picture uploading to PC.
6.Combined power supply mode of AC adapter and built-in Li-ion chargeable battery, the power saving   mode to enable more lasting battery operation.
7.Jet molding enclosure with hand-held structure makes it convenient for out diagnoses.
8.Standard Configuration: Main unit + 6.5MHz Rectal Probe.
Options: CXA/50R/3.5MHz Convex Probe, C1-12/20R/5.0MHz Micro-convex Probe, L1-5/7.5MHz
Linear Probe.

TC-300 TC-301 Specifications

1.To ensure operational safety and long-term stable equipment performance, please read this operation manual closely and understand the device functions, operation and maintenance at all points before operating the device, especially contents of "Warning", "Caution" and "Note". Misoperation or inobservance of the instructions given by manufacturer or its agents may result in device damage or personal injury.
2.The following convention works through this manual to lay special emphasis on some information.
(1) "Warning": Neglect of it will cause severe personal injury, death or estate loss.
(2)"Caution": Neglect of it will cause slight personal injury or property damage.
(3) "Note": To remind user of installation, operation or maintenance information. This information is very.
Significant but with no risk. Any warning against dangers shall not be contained in NOTE.
Warranty description
When the product is repaired, please send this warranty card and the purchased products to our service department
Matters needing attention:
1.According to the design, production and other related documents, the life expectancy of this model is generally 6 years, the product in excess of its life after the continued use, may produce performance degradation and failure rate significantly higher
2. In the normal and reasonable use, our products one year warranty host, probe warranty of two years, the battery warranty for six months. More than the warranty period or for non normal use (such as: accidentally broken water phenomenon) we only charge free maintenance, replacement of parts cost.
Production and after-sales service address: No. 39 Changxin Road, Zhengzhou, Henan
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