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Hot sale portable small ice cream liquid nitrogen flask 10L cryogenic dewar tank

Hot sale portable small ice cream liquid nitrogen flask 10L cryogenic dewar tank,is mainly used for making liquid nitrogen ice cream, It’s easy to carry, simple operation, easy to transport.with our professional manufacturers and suppliers here at

Product Details
10 litre portable cryogenic dewar tank
Portable small ice cream liquid nitrogen flask 10L cryogenic dewar tank is mainly used for making liquid nitrogen ice cream, It’s easy to carry, simple operation, easy to transport and other advantages.
Product characteristics:
1.High strength aluminium alloy structure;
2.Advanced powder coating technique;
3.Multi-layer thermal isolation design;
4.Protective jacket to prevent collision;
5.5-year warranty on vacuum;
6.Optional accessories;
10 liters of liquid nitrogen tank with different diameter,description as follows:

liquid nitrogen ice cream
It's been described as the five minute way to make amazing ice’s a kind of cool, dynamic, magic, fresh high-end ice cream products.
Description: Liquid nitrogen is -196˚C and quickly freezes the ingredients into ice cream.
1. Add all ingredients to the bowl
2. Gradually stir in liquid nitrogen until the ice cream is of the desired consistency
Safety: Liquid nitrogen can freeze tissue, causing skin damage.Additionally, the bowl and spoon used for this should not be used for any chemicals and should be stored in a food safe environment to prevent any contamination.

The company has advanced processing equipment, sophisticated testing equipment, strong research capacity. Adhere to Keeping improving and the Six Sigma management strategy, in the production process to pay attention to the details and process control, set up a scientific operational guidelines.
Liquid Nitrogen Tank Structure

Product packaging:
1.Export standard packaging;
2.Strong carton packaging;
3.Foam packaging,belt on the carton ,rainproof ,Crack control.
One year standard warranty and five years vacuum warranty;
Liquid nitrogen filling container with remote monitor (YDS series);

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1: Where is your company?
Our company is located in zheng zhou City, Henan, Province, China, near to yellow river, that is our mother (Welcome to visit our company).
2: Can you supply me the samples?
3: Can you do OEM&ODM for me?
4: OK, last one, do you have after-sale service?
Sure, we can supply 2 years after sale service. And do contact us if you have any question.
Our company provides free warranty for two years (man-made failures Except), we also promise to respond to any customer request for service within 1 working day.
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