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What Are The Accessories Of Liquid Nitrogen Container

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2018-05-23
Cryotubes: Liquid samples cannot be stored directly in liquid nitrogen. At this point cryovials are used.
Protective cover: Made of highly insulating fiber, it has the function of heat preservation and protection of the can body from damage.
Lifting tube: used to place items, samples, cells, animal semen, etc. that need to be frozen or refrigerated.
Square lifting (racks and boxes): If the user is using a lot of samples for frozen storage, the storage capacity of the lifting cylinder is not enough. At this time, the square type drawer lifting tube is used.
Cart: Liquid nitrogen container with a capacity of 20 liters or more are heavier after being filled with liquid nitrogen and do not move well. Use carts to transfer containers.
What are the accessories of liquid nitrogen container
Liquid level measuring ruler: It is made of special material with low temperature resistance and can accurately measure the liquid level of liquid nitrogen in the container so as to achieve the purpose of measuring the liquid nitrogen volume in the container.
Neck plug: The neck plug is made of good heat-insulating plastic. It has the dual function of reducing liquid nitrogen evaporation and fixing the lifting tube.
Low level alarm: liquid nitrogen level (-196°C) monitoring, alarm is widely used in medical and hygienic, animal husbandry, cryopreservation, stem cell research and various laboratory cryogenic liquid nitrogen containers in the liquid surface temperature monitoring ,Call the police.