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Tianchi yds-30 liquid nitrogen container product features

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2019-06-10
Tianchi yds-30 liquid nitrogen container is equipped with a protective cover to prevent the collision of the product during use; lifting the tube, extracting liquid nitrogen is convenient, and freezing the sample; neck stopper, preventing liquid nitrogen from volatilizing, it can be used high Made of high strength aluminum alloy. High vacuum multi-layer insulation design;
Optional lock cover to protect the safety of samples stored in the container; optional tray transporter to move products indoors; provide vacuum quality assurance of not less than five years.
tianchi yds-30 liquid nitrogen container product features
The yds-30 liquid nitrogen container is light in weight and has a small amount of steam loss in the static day of liquid nitrogen. The storage time varies depending on the size of the caliber. Moreover, the series of products are made of rust-proof aluminum alloy, and the liquid nitrogen is stored for a long time. The liquid nitrogen tank is suitable for long-term low-temperature preservation of biological products in the standing room.