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tianchi liquid nitrogen tank accessories material

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2019-09-30
Henan Tianchi's liquid nitrogen tank is equipped with some accessories, such as neck plug, lifter, basket, lock cover, protective jacket, etc. There are also portable liquid nitrogen tanks with specific handles for users to go out to use. Only portable liquid nitrogen tanks below YDS-10L have handles, so what material are the accessories manufactured?
Handle design: stainless steel material, low temperature resistance
Neck plug design: polyurethane material, heat insulation and low temperature resistance, lightweight and durable material
Lock cover design: lock liquid nitrogen tank, protect sample
Drum design: freezing sample, extracting liquid nitrogen
Basket design: stainless steel material, storage of biological samples, embryos, semen
Protective jacket: made of fibre, with strap, convenient for transportation
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