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Tian Chi Ice Machine Top 10 Core Technologies

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2018-06-20
Tian Chi Ten core technologies of the Ice Machine
1, The control system is accurate and reliable, easy to operate, water supply, ice, dehydration, ice full shutdown, water shortage boot, five actions automatically completed, and other fault protection.
Tian Chi Ice Machine Top 10 Core Technologies
2, Crystallization control technology: automatic control of the water flow and temperature, so that the crystal is more delicate, crystal clear ice.
3. High-efficiency refrigeration technology: The optimized design of key refrigeration components makes ice making rapidly. Brand-name compressors, high-quality solenoid valves are stable and reliable, and they have a long service life.
4, User-friendly design technology: sliding door design: 60 ° elevation angle, easy to take ice; matte tone, steady fashion.
5, Photoelectric sensor technology: sensing accuracy, anti-jamming, stable and reliable performance.
6, Wide temperature wide temperature technology: wide voltage design to adapt to a stronger, wider temperature design, 43 °C is still running freely.
7, Automatic cleaning technology: boot automatically clean, more reliable refrigeration.
8, Rapid cooling technology: Quantitative Sheung Shui, rapid cycle, high-efficiency refrigeration system, the achievements of rapid ice-making.
9, Polyurethane high-pressure foaming technology: high-efficiency foaming agent, thicker foam layer makes the ice machine strong insulation, energy saving.
10, Stainless steel surface wire drawing processing, easy to clean; liner seam welding technology, reliable weld does not leak, advanced inspection methods to ensure corrosion resistance materials, durable.