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What Are The Problems In The Ice Machine Industry

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2018-01-17
In the ice maker machine  market development problems and development trend of a paper we mentioned ice machine industry problems, mainly around a center to solve two problems. A central issue is how to further improve the technological level of the ice machine industry; for this purpose, two problems need to be focused on.
First, continuous improvement R & D team, R & D team level is how high, the number of results, reflecting the results into the product after the product level, is the leading international level, or the international advanced level; is our leading level, or China's advanced level, only with the corresponding level, can produce the appropriate brand, in order to create higher value.
What are the problems in the ice machine industry
In particular, research on ice-making components should be made progress, should not just stay in the manufacture of a certain structure, but also to study and test its efficiency and structure, material improvement programs, in order to improve the rate of ice formation , Shorten the ice time, improve ice making efficiency.
What are the problems in the ice machine industry
Second, continue to standardize the market, improve technical protection measures. Through the continuous improvement of the standardization system, a market access system and a quality assurance system have been established. Through continuous improvement of the legal awareness of patent protection and independent intellectual property rights, technological innovation and enhancement of product technology are promoted.