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What if the ice machine does not make ice

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2018-12-19
If the route of the water is blocked, or the solenoid is not working, or if the loop is lifted, the ice maker will not make ice. Ice machine maintenance closes the ice block to ensure that the loop line above the ice collection drawer is not locked in its upper position. The ice machine does not work. Here are a few ways to try it out:
1. Check the water supply pipeline
If the ice machine does not make ice, but you can see the arm swinging motion, you will hear a humming sound for about 10 seconds, and the water valve asks for water that has not arrived. This means that the valve and solenoid may be fine, but make sure the water supply line is kinked behind or under the refrigerator.
2. Check if the fill tube is frozen
Check if something is causing the ice to be backed up around the mechanism, which can cause the filling tube to freeze. When the ice is small and seems to be getting smaller, it usually represents a frozen filling tube. See the ice machine below has been frozen.
3. Look inside the ice cubes
If full size ice is filled, the problem may be an electrical connection to the water supply filling valve or operating system. To verify how the motor works, you can make a “jumper” and test if you can use the power comfortably and safely. To do this, strip the ends from a small length of wire. Insert the bare wire ends into the “T” and “H” holes in the motor unit. This will manually start a loop.
What if the ice machine does not make ice
4. Check the waterline
Plugged into the back of the refrigerator. Locate the water shutoff valve at the back of the refrigerator, turn it off, unscrew the copper wire from the back of the refrigerator from the screw, place the copper wire in a bucket, and open the valve to see if any water is poured out. The ice machine repairs the faucet valve and the copper tube tile for the ice machine tap valve and copper tube that are connected to the water pipe as a kit.
5. Check the tap valve
A bad faucet valve that connects the water supply pipe of the ice machine to a small device of the water pipe may cause the water supply pipe of the ice machine to be connected to the water pipe. Replace the inlet and branch valves if necessary. For the tap valve, use a type that requires a 1/4 inch hole (instead of a "self-piercing" type). You can purchase the ice machine connection kit yourself or call the service technician or plumber to install the inline filter when replacing the valve. Ice machine repair replacement solenoid universal electrical appliance replacement.
6. Check the solenoid valve
Connect the water line to the solenoid at the back or bottom of the refrigerator and then to the ice machine. The solenoid may be defective or may not receive electrical power. First unplug the refrigerator. You can then try to remove the sedimentation screen inside the electromagnet and rinse it with water to clean it, and you can check any seals or diaphragms to ensure good sound.