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The difference between liquid nitrogen and cylinder nitrogen

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2018-05-07
Normally, the nitrogen in the cylinder is a compressed gas, and the pressure at full load is 15 MPa. Therefore, the nitrogen in the cylinder has no liquid nitrogen component at all.
Where is liquid nitrogen stored? The container for liquid nitrogen storage is called a Dewar, which is a liquid nitrogen tank. Similar to the principle of hot water bottle, a small amount of liquid nitrogen can also be filled with hot water bottles, but the preservation time is very short, and it is basically completed in less than half an hour.
Since hot water bottles can be filled with liquid nitrogen, the storage pressure of liquid nitrogen is usually atmospheric pressure, relying on volatilization to maintain the low temperature, liquid nitrogen stored in the Dewar flask is also out of boiling state.
The difference between liquid nitrogen and cylinder nitrogen
Liquid nitrogen can be poured out just like water, but the action is fast, and the nitrogen in the cylinder needs a pressure relief valve to use.