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The Application Of Refrigerators

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2017-10-11

The Application Of Refrigerators

The application of refrigerators - food, pharmaceutical, medical, glass and other industries dairy products, beverage production process often need to heat quickly after cooling, requiring chillers of the steel pipe, water tank, pump material for stainless steel to meet the health requirements.
Drugs, biological products production, storage process to be low temperature and low humidity environment. Low temperature chillers can be ethylene glycol as refrigerant, providing 5 ... -15 ℃ frozen liquid, low temperature and low humidity to provide the necessary cold source. When the need for cooling in the winter, the unit can be equipped with special control system, so that the unit can be in -15 ℃ low temperature environment still maintain the cooling operation.
Medical equipment such as magnetic resonance equipment, must provide a reliable cold source, the company developed dual system industrial chillers When a refrigeration system unit failure, another refrigeration system automatically put into operation, increase the reliability of the system.
Coated glass often requires large cooling units, usually using multiple screw chillers in combination. The coating line is heated before it starts to reach a certain temperature. After the start of the production line, the chilled water is cooled to maintain a lower temperature.
Tempered glass will be generally heated by high temperature and then quickly cooled, the cooling water temperature can not be too high will affect the quality of steel. With industrial chillers to provide cooling with the frozen water, the other water temperature does not love the impact of ambient temperature to ensure product quality.
Aluminum production aquaculture hotels, seafood restaurants, seafood farms, aquarium summer to provide frozen water, winter to provide hot water, fresh water, sea water are applicable.