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How Test New Buy Ice Machine Performance

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2018-06-06
The ice maker produces ice cubes. After we turn on the power supply and let it operate for a while, we must first observe whether it will continue to produce ice. If it is normal, then we must check the quality of the ice cubes.
Freshly produced ice can not have heavy moisture, otherwise it will be unqualified ice, if the surface of the ice is dry and smooth, it will be a good ice.
Next you need to test the amount of ice produced by the ice maker. This needs to be tested under different environments and water temperatures, and whether or not the amount of ice produced is qualified according to the actual situation and the equivalent table value of ice production. If the ice production is not enough, the amount of liquid to be added or the water level must be adjusted. Make adjustments.
How Test New Buy Ice Machine Performance
At the same time, when we test the ice performance, we should pay attention to observe whether there is overcooling shutdown phenomenon during the operation when the ambient ring temperature is higher than 7°C. If so, we must adjust the position of the sensing probe.