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Select Ice Maker Based On Ice Shape

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2018-05-30
Choose according to ice maker ice shape
A, round ice B, square ice C, snowflake ice D, phosphorus ice E, irregular ice F, nugget ice
Choose according to the occasion
A round ice: suitable for bars/hotels/restaurants/places etc. is the best choice for bartending/drinking
B-square ice: Applicable food service industry / hotel (pre-made ice drinks) / camping place (with automatic ice machine) / carbonated salt drinks.
C Snowflake Ice: Suitable for cafés/hotels/hotels/supermarkets/hospitals/laboratorys/chemicals, etc. Laboratory use is best.
D phosphorus ice: suitable for fish processing industry / supermarket / meat processing industry / food industry / chemical industry.
E-shaped ice: For ice display / salad bar / room service / carbonated drinks.Ice Maker Ice Shape
Mineral block ice: Applicable to ice display / salad bars / fast food / carbonated drinks, etc.

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