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Advantages Of Portable Color Ultrasound Machine

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2017-10-18

     Advantages Of Portable Color Ultrasound Machine

       Advantages Of Portable Color Ultrasound Machine
       Portable color Doppler ultrasound in the clinical application is more common, generally check the abdominal organs and pregnancy development of the fetus and other places have a greater help, in addition to superficial and small organs of the inspection application is also more common, including thyroid, breast and other more common black and white Super-more obvious diagnostic accuracy advantage. Color Doppler ultrasound can be determined by observing the size of the vessel lumen, the speed of blood flow, the direction and the establishment of collateral circulation.

       Advantages Of Portable Color Ultrasound Machine
       The advantages of color Doppler ultrasound on obstetrics and gynecology mainly lies in the evaluation of fetal congenital diseases, umbilical cord disease, and placental function assessment of the vaginal probe than the abdominal probe has a certain advantage: not subject to body fat interference; no need to fill the bladder, check Time is short, can get accurate Doppler spectrum; the uterus, ovarian blood flow sensitivity, showing a high rate.

       Advantages Of Portable Color Ultrasound Machine

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