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Liquid Nitrogen Tank For Safe And Storage

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2017-09-22
        Liquid Nitrogen Tank For Safe And Storage
        Liquid nitrogen is a cryogenic liquid with a boiling point of -196 ° C. Due to its low temperature specificity, the storage of general use of special liquid nitrogen containers - liquid nitrogen tank. Some users worry about liquid nitrogen this thing feels a bit dangerous ah, but also frostbite, but also leaked. Tianchi liquid nitrogen tank manufacturers suggested that the liquid nitrogen tank placed properly stored,and not so horrible. Next to say of Liquid nitrogen tank placement problem.
        Liquid nitrogen tank placed in a cool ventilated place, because the liquid nitrogen with oxygen asphyxiated, manual operation to ensure safety, to choose in the ventilation. Another liquid nitrogen tank to be stored in the shade, to avoid sun exposure, otherwise it will cause liquid nitrogen volatile fast. Liquid nitrogen cans above the neck do not place heavy objects, or tank liquid nitrogen can not be normal evaporation, damage to the jar. Another liquid nitrogen tank can not be tilted when placed, horizontal, inverted, impact, collision, to keep the tank upright. Just do so, liquid nitrogen tank is safe, no danger.
        1, liquid nitrogen tank to be stored in a cool and well ventilated place, prohibit direct sunlight in the sun. In the use or storage, prohibit tilt, horizontal, inverted, stacking, collision or collision with other objects, to do light and always keep upright.
        2, liquid nitrogen tank in the transport process must be installed in the wooden mat mattress, and fixed. Between the tank and the tank with a sponge and other fillers separated to prevent bumps, to prevent dumping. Loading and unloading vehicles to prevent liquid nitrogen tank collision, but not on the ground at random drag, so as not to reduce the life of liquid nitrogen tank.
        3, liquid nitrogen tank is generally divided into storage and transport of two kinds of indoor liquid nitrogen is mainly used for storage, not in the working state for long-distance transport use;
        4, in a short time, short distance within the use of a small amount of liquid nitrogen, you can also use the temporary use of thermos (cup) and other equipment stored, but in the use of thermos (cup) and other storage, you must cut a toothpick at the edge of a toothpick The size of the small ditch, so that the safety of nitrogen discharge.