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200 ℃ Below Zero Liquid Nitrogen Tank Save Sperm

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2018-01-22
Sperm is frozen in the liquid nitrogen tank, the temperature was 196 ℃ below zero, each tank can store 7000 test-tube semen. In the media magnate rupert murdoch prostate cancer and need before the operation, with refrigeration technology has kept her husband's sperm, then gave birth to two "test-tube" daughter, consolidated its position in the kingdom of media; Famous chinese-american scientist and Nobel Prize winner in physics, the 89 - year - old Yang zhenning, during the 82 - year - old married 28, weng, there are several false information from his wife pregnant, the reason is suggested by likely to keep their sperm at an early age; The famous singer jay Chou has also been exposed to the sperm bank to reserve the sperm.
200 ℃ Below Zero Liquid Nitrogen Tank Save Sperm
How to keep sperm, is it far away from ordinary people? When it comes to the "human sperm bank", people often think of highly educated sperm donors and donate sperm to infertile couples. However, China's human sperm bank has a business that is not familiar to people -- the self-preservation business.
The reporter learns from human sperm bank in China, the essence of a sperm bank portfolio have exploded in recent years, from the past is about 10 cases each year hundreds of cases surged to nearly two years, more than ninety percent of young men are not cancer, but in the past two years, a lot of sperm has "link" master, sperm Banks hope oneself or family members can go to after was confirmed, in order to avoid no main memory be destroyed.