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How to remove the sample from the liquid nitrogen tank

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2017-10-28
         The sample in the liquid nitrogen tank is usually kept in a cryopreservation box, and the cryopreserved box is placed on the frozen shelf to open the lid of the liquid nitrogen tank, and the sample can be taken out of the frozen shelf carefully.
         The shorter the exposure time in the air, the better the sample is. In the course of use, the staff need to wear gloves and masks to prevent injury.
         The specific method of operation is to open the liquid nitrogen tank, the barrel will be lifted to the liquid nitrogen tank neck, Expose the ampoule and remove it quickly (Take only one at a time).
         And then immediately put the barrel back into the tank, the barrel hook to be reset, cover the cans; in the process of preservation and transportation of the vaccine,Ampoule must always be below the liquid nitrogen surface, the liquid nitrogen surface should always be above the safety line, exposing the liquid level of the vaccine should be discarded; if the container liquid nitrogen accidentally finished,Liquid nitrogen tank is the vaccine failure, should be completely abandoned; ampoule in liquid nitrogen tank outside the air exposure time as short as possible, it is best not to exceed 10 seconds.
         Liquid nitrogen tank out of the ampoule should be immediately put 27 ~ 35 ℃ warm water in the melt (not more than 60 seconds),Once thawed vaccine can no longer back into liquid nitrogen. In the use of the process, the first need to pay attention to the loss of liquid nitrogen waste, the second note in the liquid nitrogen when the time to try to protect the sample and cells.