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Liquid Nitrogen Tank Neck Plug Not be Sealed

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2017-09-23
       Liquid Nitrogen Tank Neck Plug Not be Sealed
       Some customers buy tanks after a few days will ask: Neck plug there is a quality problem? So that liquid nitrogen will evaporate? Can you plug it? Tianchi liquid nitrogen tank staff to tell you that this is not a quality problem, which is based on the specificity of liquid nitrogen design. Neck plug on the tank can not be blocked, or liquid nitrogen in the tank continued to evaporate pressurization, fail to alleviate, serious damage to the container will lead to even explosion.
       Some people do experiments, into the empty water bottle into the bottle volume of liquid nitrogen, tighten the bottle seal liquid nitrogen, immediately into the large plastic bucket, then into the bucket in a table tennis. Less than 5 seconds when the explosion occurred. Sound loud noise, barrels and table tennis bombed up, table tennis is the same as the same women scattered flowers. Here to see two liquid nitrogen explosion before and after the two pictures:
liquid nitrogen tank
liquid nitrogen tank