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Liquid Nitrogen Tank Lock Cover What Effect

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2018-01-29
Liquid nitrogen tank lock cover is mainly designed to protect the safety of stored samples, lock the container,to prevent others from opening, play a protective sample security burglary, which is composed of clamshell and base of two parts, the lock on the base, user-friendly Locked Lock does not contain the lock, the lock needs to be configured by the user. 
The use of lock covers ensures the safety of stored samples. Another reason for locking covers is to look more complete and better overall.
Liquid Nitrogen Tank Lock Cover What Effect
Note: Tianchi liquid nitrogen tank technology to remind everyone: lock cover is installed after we sent to the user's hands, if you buy separately, the user himself is not installed, if you want to install the lock cover later, you need to mail the jar Come here to install, so to avoid trouble, the best piece of tank and locks cover to buy.
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