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Liquid Nitrogen Tank Is Used To Do What

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2018-02-05
Liquid nitrogen tank can be divided into storage tank, transport tank two kinds, storage tank designed for indoor storage for use, transportation tank in order to meet the transport conditions, made a special earthquake-resistant design. In addition to its static storage, but also in the state filled with liquid nitrogen for transport use, but also to avoid severe collision and vibration.
The above is the structural principle of the container, which is mainly used to do what?
For the moment mainly used in food, medical beauty, laboratory, research, machinery and other industries, as follows:
1) The food industry is commonly used in frozen foods (frozen food (dumplings, glutinous rice dumpling), vegetable preservation, meat crust ultra-low temperature crushing, and food packaging [into liquid nitrogen extension shelf life], the most common molecular food - liquid nitrogen ice cream, The most popular summer food;
2) livestock husbandry industry commonly used in frozen animal husbandry with improved technology, embryo transfer, cryogenic collection of microorganisms, vaccine preservation, treatment of domestic animal skin tumors ---- liquid nitrogen scalpel, preservation of frozen semen;
3) Laboratory commonly used to preserve cells, particles frozen;
4) Machining industry is commonly used in liquid nitrogen low temperature cutting of high strength steel, low temperature ball mill, electronic components manufacturing, low temperature superconductor (resistance of 0), spare parts freezing installation (thermal expansion and contraction).