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Liquid nitrogen tank frozen essence precautions

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2019-04-15
When the liquid nitrogen tank is used to access the frozen essence, it should be handled gently, and the frozen essence must be completely immersed in liquid nitrogen. When the temperature rises from 196 °C to 100-70 °C, the sperm will be damaged, so Check the remaining amount of liquid nitrogen in the tank at any time and replenish it in time.
Liquid nitrogen tank frozen essence precautions
When transferring frozen semen to another liquid nitrogen tank, the frozen liquid should not exceed 5 s of liquid nitrogen. When taking semen, it is strictly forbidden to lift the lifting drum or gauze bag out of the liquid nitrogen tank, and the time for leaving the liquid nitrogen in the tank should not exceed 10 S. If the tubule semen is not removed within 10 S, the cartridge or gauze bag should be immediately returned to liquid nitrogen and removed after 10"--15 s.
The liquid nitrogen impurities used nowadays are more, and the impurities brought in when accessing the frozen essence are likely to cause contamination inside the tank. Generally, the liquid nitrogen tank should be cleaned once a year. The cleaning can be washed first with a neutral detergent, then rinsed with warm water of about 35 °C. After cleaning, the inner tank should be fully dried and then filled with liquid nitrogen.