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The Principle Of Storage Of Liquid Nitrogen Needs To Be Grasped

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2017-10-09
        The Principle Of Storage Of Liquid Nitrogen Needs To Be Grasped
        Liquid nitrogen in the storage has a special requirement, Tianchi liquid nitrogen tank staff that liquid nitrogen has a good freezing effect, but if people are directly exposed to harm, so it is also a storage of Du Yu Standardized, multi-purpose steel tank for storage.
        In the industrial production of liquid nitrogen at very low temperature is from nitrogen pressure into a colorless liquid, then the liquid nitrogen temperature is very low, we use the cylinder in full bloom, and then put the cylinder at room temperature, due to When the ambient temperature rises, the liquid nitrogen in the bottle will undergo phase change, that is, vaporization, from liquid nitrogen to gaseous nitrogen, and the pressure of the cylinder rises. At this time, the temperature inside the liquid nitrogen and gas nitrogen coexists, -196 ℃, the absorption of external heat continues to rise the pressure continues to rise, relief valve will work, pressure relief, not if not pressure, but the temperature, liquid nitrogen in the cylinder will be the pressure Very high, causing high pressure vessel to explode. So these operations are very noteworthy, for liquid nitrogen in the storage when there are professionals to operate, to avoid which part of the errors have unimaginable consequences.
        Selection of steel tank for liquid nitrogen storage, and its insulation effect is very good, liquid nitrogen can be stored inside for 1 month without vaporization finished. And the insulation effect of the self-pressurized liquid nitrogen tank has three pressure relief valve, a pressure relief valve, two pressure relief valve, three pressure relief valve. To ensure that the pressure inside the explosion, but to a few pressure relief valve on the professional control to ensure the safe storage of liquid nitrogen.
        Good storage of liquid nitrogen can be more convenient when we use, in order to bring us more economic benefits, the use of liquid nitrogen value is higher.