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Liquid nitrogen treatment precautions

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2019-04-01
When our work comes into contact with liquid nitrogen, the following points should be noted during the process:
1. Liquid nitrogen should be stored in a special liquid nitrogen tank. Do not seal it in any container (explosion).
2. Wear safety glasses or a face mask when transferring liquid nitrogen.
3. Wear gloves when touching any object cooled by liquid nitrogen. The gloves should be loose, so if the liquid is poured inside, you can throw them away.
4. When handling liquid nitrogen and any objects cooled with liquid nitrogen, be careful not to let liquid nitrogen touch the clothing near the skin.
Liquid nitrogen treatment precautions
5. Do not immerse the hollow tube in liquid nitrogen, it may eject liquid.
6. Do not use in a poorly ventilated room and do not pour liquid nitrogen on the floor. It can replace enough oxygen to cause suffocation.
7. Do not store liquid nitrogen in uncovered containers for a long time because liquid nitrogen evaporates quickly and the boiling point of oxygen is 90.1K. Above nitrogen, oxygen can be condensed from air to liquid nitrogen.
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