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Liquid nitrogen container cleaning method

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2019-01-14
First, take out the liquid nitrogen container, remove the liquid nitrogen, and place it for 2-3 days. When the temperature inside the tank rises to about 0 °C, pour the warm water of about 30 °C and scrub with a cloth. If you find that the individual melted substances are stuck on the bottom of the inner liner, be careful to wash them carefully.
Then rinse with water several times, then invert the liquid nitrogen container, put it indoors safely and should not fall over, dry naturally, or air dry with a blower as described above.Liquid nitrogen container cleaning method
Note that during the entire brushing process, the action should be slow, the temperature of the inverted water should not exceed 40 °C, and the total weight should not exceed 2 kg.