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Laboratory ice machine users often ask questions

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2019-05-15
1) What brand should be used in the laboratory ice machine, which one is better?
A: The appearance of Tianchi is made of stainless steel, it is not easy to rust, the ice making efficiency is high, and the ice production is sufficient.
2) Which ice machine should the laboratory buy?
A: The laboratory should use small size, light weight and easy to move.
3) The laboratory wants to buy a good quality ice machine. The import is too expensive. I don't know how to choose it?
A: Imports are more expensive, not necessarily good. In fact, there are many domestic brands to choose from, and the quality is also acceptable. There is no need to choose imports.
4) How about a few ice cubes in a laboratory ice machine for an hour and a half?
A: There are several situations in which ice is slow:
(1) There are too many refrigerants, or too few
(2) The temperature is too high. If the ice making effect is good, the surrounding temperature is not too high.
(3) The ice machine should be placed in a ventilated place with good heat dissipation.
(4) The refrigerant pipe has gas or debris, or the pipe is deformed.
Laboratory ice machine users often ask questions