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Laboratory ice machine use precautions

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2019-02-20
Whether the Tianchi laboratory ice machine is used for the first time or has been used many times, the machine should be cleaned and inspected before use. Because the machine may be odorous or dusty, the first ice (about 30) is thrown away.
If you don't use it, remember to remove the ice pack and the water box. Be careful not to dust. When you use it again, insert it into the ice pack. The operation method is as follows:
1. Remove the water supply box: Lift the front and pull it out slightly.
2. Open and remove the water injection hole cover, slowly add water to the water line position and cover the cover. (If you add more water than the waterline, the water will leak out from all around)
3, put back the water supply box: pay attention to insert it inside, otherwise you can not give water. The temperature of the water injection cannot exceed 60 ° C
Note: Only drinking water can be placed in the ice box. Be careful not to exceed the full water line when adding water to the water supply box. 
Laboratory ice machine use precautions