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Laboratory ice machine maintenance problem

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2019-06-05
The cleaning process of the laboratory ice machine is roughly divided into two steps, the first step is the cleaning operation procedure, and the second step is the operation procedure of disassembling the parts for cleaning (or disinfection).
Note: For the use of ice-cream cleaners or disinfectants, be sure to wear rubber gloves and protective eye masks. If possible, wear a face mask. The color of the cleaning agent is blue liquid, and the color of the disinfectant is pink liquid. It is important to remember that the cleaning and disinfection are carried out separately. The cleaning agent and the disinfectant cannot be mixed together. The general procedure is to clean first, then Disinfect.
Another point should also be noted that after adding a cleaning agent or disinfectant, do not artificially terminate the cleaning or disinfection process, as this will make the cleaning of the cleaning goods not thorough enough, and there will be residual reagents left in the machine. 
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Laboratory ice machine maintenance problem