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Laboratory ice machine cleaning process

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2019-05-29
1. Power off: Turn off the power of the laboratory ice machine.
2. Clean up the ice: Use the ice shovel to shovel all the ice and place it in a clean container.
3. Dispensing: Prepare "Pasteurized" and 60 °C hot aqueous solution, the ratio is 1:600~700.
4. Cleaning:
a) Prepare the liquid with a long brush and thoroughly scrub the inside of the ice machine and dissolve it; b) Wipe the small window, door and exterior of the ice machine with a rag on the rag; c) Connect with the leather tube Cold water thoroughly washes all parts of the ice machine to achieve clean and no foreign matter; d) Wipe the small window, door and ice machine of the ice machine with a clean water rag to achieve clean and free of foreign matter.
5. Polishing:
a) Spray "stainless steel cleaning protectant" on the outside of the ice machine; b) Wipe the outside of the ice machine in one direction with a clean rag until it is bright.
6. Check:
a) Check the inside and outside of the ice machine for cleaning to meet the above criteria.
7. Put back the ice:
a) Return the shoveled ice cubes back to the ice machine.
8. Power up:
a) Close the small window and door of the laboratory ice machine; b) Turn on the power switch to return the ice machine to work. 
laboratory ice machine cleaning process