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How to detect and judge ewe pregnancy with B ultrasound

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2019-10-30
B ultrasound location and method of exploration
Abdominal wall exploration, early pregnancy on both sides of the breast and breast straight ahead of the hair less area, or the space between the two breasts. The second and third trimester of pregnancy can be performed on the right abdominal wall.
There is no need to cut hair in the area of less hair, the side abdominal wall, the rectum and the rectum. The detection method is basically the same as that of sows. The examiner squats on one side of the sheep body. After the coupling agent is applied locally or locally to the probe, the probe is pressed against the skin, facing the pelvic entrance direction, and the fixed-point fan-shaped scanning is carried out. From the breast straight forward to the back, from both sides of the breast to the middle, or from the middle to both sides of the breast scan.
In the early stage of pregnancy, the fetal sac is not big and the embryo is very small. It needs to be scanned slowly to find out. The examiner can also squat behind the sheep's buttocks and hold a probe to scan the breast from the middle of the two hind legs of the sheep. If the breast of dairy goat is too large, or the hair on the side abdominal wall is too long, which affects the vision of the exploration site, the assistant can lift the hind limb on one side of the exploration to expose the exploration site, but it is not necessary to cut the hair.
How to detect and judge ewe pregnancy with B ultrasound