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Installation Ice Machine Precautions

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2018-12-12
1) At least two or more people when moving and installing the ice machine. Protect your back or other areas from injury.
2) To ensure proper ventilation of the ice machine, it is necessary to install a well-ventilated area (10oC) and below 100oF (38oC) with a front end that is completely unobstructed and has a temperature above 50oF. Must be installed within the protected area from elements such as wind, rain, water spray or dripping.
3) The ice machine cannot be located next to the oven, grill or other high heat source. Ice machines must be installed with all electrical and water connections in accordance with national and local regulations. Standard power supplies (115 VAC, 60 Hz, 15 A) require local regulations and regulations for proper grounding in accordance with national electrical codes.
4) Do not kink or squeeze the power cord or drain line between the ice machine and the cabinet. The fuse (or circuit breaker) should be 15 amps in size.
5) In order to work properly, the ice machine must be leveled. In addition you need to make a few adjustments.
6) All installations must comply with local piping code requirements. Make sure that the hose is not pinched or kinched or damaged during installation. Check for leaks after connecting.