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Ice Machine Operation Instructions

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2018-04-04
1. Ice making operation
(1)Before starting the machine, it is necessary to check whether the automatic water supply device is normal and whether the water quantity of the water tank is reasonable (the machine has adjusted the water level correctly before leaving the factory, and the user may not adjust it). 
(2) Plug in the power supply, and the ice maker starts to work. First, the pump starts to run (the pump has a short period of time for air exhaust). The compressor starts to start about 2 minutes later, and the machine enters the ice-making state. 
(3) When the ice thickness reaches the set thickness, the ice plate probe starts to start, the solenoid valve starts to work, the water pump stops working, the hot gas enters the evaporator, and the ice cube drops about 1.5 minutes. While the ice cube is falling, flip the ice falling plate and open the reed switch. When the reed switch is closed again, the machine enters a second ice making process. 
Ice Machine Operation Instructions
(4) The compressor does not shut down during the entire ice making and deicing process. 
(5) When the ice bucket is full of ice and the reed switch cannot be closed automatically, the machine will automatically stop working. When enough ice cubes are removed and the reed switch is closed again, the machine starts after 3 minutes delay and re-enters the ice making process.