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Ice Machine Equipment Failures Reasons

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2018-01-24
Many ice maker machine equipment failures are water related. Water filtration systems for ice makers provide built-in scale control as well as chlorine odor and odor and reduce sediment. Maintain the smooth operation of the kitchen, water filtration technology for ice machines. Provide your customers with quality water and help your equipment run efficiently with water filtration systems for ice makers.
Ice machine equipment failures reasons
Ice machine water filtration benefits:
(1) reduce unscheduled service calls related to corrosion, deposits and scaling in commercial cubes and pavers;
(2) Reduce the odor and odor of excess chlorine, which may lead to chlorine odor and corrosion in the refrigerator;
(3) reduce the scaling on the evaporator plate can significantly increase maintenance costs;
(4) reduce the sediment particles that may block the distribution pipe and the solenoid valve;
Tianchi ice machine advantages:
(1) We use groundbreaking technology to produce healthy, fresh products.
(2) has a patented technology.
(3) continue to seek innovative ways to increase profits.
(4) We expect to reduce the environmental impact by investing in sustainable technologies.