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Ice Machine Does Not Make Ice Considerations

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2018-05-23
Ice Machine is mainly used in hotels, restaurants, western restaurants, cafes, fast food restaurants, canteens, etc., the use environment of the ice maker is good or bad, and regular maintenance, due to the commercial ice machine compared to other refrigeration equipment With a high technical content, the following is a routine maintenance method for a commercial ice machine, which is extremely important for the service life of the ice maker and the ice making effect.
Ice Machine Does Not Make Ice Considerations
1. Clean the storage refrigerator, sink, water pipe and protection film of commercial ice machine every two months.
2, to prevent severe vibration, handling ice machine carefully and lightly, after long-distance transport, commercial ice machine should be placed 2-6 hours after the opening mechanism ice.
3, to avoid water and sand impurities blocking the inlet, and cause the water intake becomes smaller, resulting in no ice.
4, in order to avoid damage to the condenser, poor cooling will cause compressor components to damage, clean the condenser surface dust every two months.
5. The ice maker should use an independent power supply. The back and left and right side clearances of the ice making machine should not be less than 30cm, and the top clearance should not be less than 60cm.
6, dedicated power supply and equipped with fuses and leakage protection switch, but also reliable grounding.
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