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Ice Machine Daily Care

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2018-05-09
In order to prolong the service life of the ice maker, please refer to the usage of the Tianchi Snow Ice Maker and the instructions before using the Tianchi Snow Ice Maker.
1. Regardless of the cause of the compressor (water shortage, excessive ice, power failure, etc.), the compressor must not be started continuously. It must be restarted every 5 minutes to avoid damaging the compressor.
2. Regularly check the inlet and outlet pipe connections to handle the small amount of residual water that may leak.
3. When the ice-making crushing machine is not in use, the remaining water in the inner liner should be drained, the inner liner of the refrigerator should be wiped with a clean cloth, and the drain connector cover behind the box should be twisted to drain excess water from the tank. Tighten the drain connector cover.
4. When the ambient temperature drops below 0°C, there is a possibility of freezing. Draining operations must be performed to release the water. Otherwise, the inlet pipe may be broken.
5. Drains should be checked 1-2 times a year to prevent clogging.
Ice Machine Daily Care
6. When cleaning and checking the ice-making crusher, if it is not used for more than one week, please unplug the power plug. When plugging or unplugging the power plug, use the hand-held plug and do not pull the power cord.