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How to prolong the life of laboratory ice maker?

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2019-03-27
Tianchi Technology tells you here that the service life of the laboratory ice maker is longer, but the premise is that we regularly maintain and maintain it. The maintenance methods are as follows.
1) Clean the waterway and sprinkler regularly, usually once every six months, according to the local water quality.
Blockage of waterway and nozzle can easily cause premature damage of compressor, so we must pay attention to it.
2) Clean the condenser regularly, and clean the filter screen, usually once every three months, to ensure the smooth heat dissipation.
Condenser expansion is also very likely to cause premature damage to compressors, which is more threatening than water blockage. It is often found that some customers place the ice maker too narrowly, which causes premature damage to the compressor. The ice maker that radiates heat on the back must keep a distance of 50 centimeters around and keep the air unblocked.
How to prolong the life of laboratory ice maker
3) Change the filter element of the water purifier regularly, usually once every two months, according to the local water quality.
If the filter element is not replaced for a long time, a lot of bacteria and poisons will be produced, which will affect people's health.
4) Check the working condition of the ice maker regularly and unplug the power supply immediately when abnormal results are found.
It is found that the ice maker has peculiar odor, abnormal sound, water leakage and electricity leakage. The power supply should be switched off and the water valve should be closed immediately.