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How Much Is A Commercial Ice Machine

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2018-05-16
Refrigeration equipment has gradually become widespread, people's demand for ice machines is increasing, but many customers are not very knowledge of the ice machine's price knowledge, customers generally call for inquiry, one is to ask how much the ice machine One money, then a price comparison for several companies. Whoever chooses a cheaper price is the wrong choice. In fact, this is the most erroneous choice. The purchase of ice machines must take into account many factors. It cannot be considered purely. Ice machine prices.
Commercial ice machines are generally expensive, so choosing a reliable ice machine is not only guaranteed after the sale, it can also save a lot of maintenance costs for the hotel. The specific reference is summarized as follows:
1. Ice production by ice makers.
2. Production process of ice maker
3. After-sales service of ice machine
Ice Machine Daily Care
Finally, to sum up, buying an ice machine is definitely not just to consider only the price of the ice machine. If you only consider the price purely, it will probably lead to the quality of post-maintenance maintenance, after-sales service and so on. So what brand of ice machine is better? In the following article, I will continue to introduce that Tianchi ice machine is a well-known brand in the commercial refrigeration industry and has always focused on the refrigeration field, with the professionalism in the field of refrigeration and Mature technology, which has a history of fifteen years in the industry, hopes to work with all parties in the industry to contribute to the development of commercial refrigeration in China.

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