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How Automatic Snowflake Ice Maker Improves Efficiency

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2018-05-02
The automatic snowflake ice machine produced by our company has the shape of a rectangular parallelepiped and has a stainless steel outer shell. The appearance is beautiful and generous. It has the characteristics of fast ice making, large amount of ice making, transparent and even icicle, and quick ice-removing speed.
A series of automatic water-cooling and ice-storage processes are used to control the continuous ice production from water intake, water injection, ice production, ice storage, ice storage, and ice storage. The light will flash and the ice maker will automatically stop. It has a good protection function.
As the storage refrigerator adopts a rigid foam structure, the heat preservation performance is good, so that the manufactured ice blocks are not easily melted. In addition, the remaining water produced by the ice maker after each ice production is reused, which not only saves water resources, but also improves ice production efficiency, reduces energy consumption, and greatly reduces users' ice-making costs. Therefore, it has the effect of environmental protection. According to the different ice making methods, pure water ice and tap water ice can be used respectively.