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How To Choose A Hotel Ice Machine

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2018-09-19
The hotel ice machine is one of the important equipments in the hotel kitchen equipment. At present, the market is filled with a large number of ice machines of different brands and different specifications. The quality varies greatly and the price difference is also very large. How can we choose a quality product from many ice machines?
How To Choose A Hotel Ice Machine
First, choose according to your own demand for ice particles. The taste is best when ice cubes are served at 7-8 cups. Knowing this condition, buyers can determine their own demand for ice based on their maximum hot weather.
Second, the purpose of our ice machine is to use ice cubes, so we should choose a brand with stable quality and guaranteed service.
Third, the purchase of ice machines, generally in terms of the number of kilograms or pounds of ice produced in 24 hours is calculated. This unit of measurement represents the amount of ice produced at an ambient temperature of 10 degrees and a water temperature of 10 degrees. When it is summer, the environment When the temperature and water temperature are high, the amount of ice produced will be affected to varying degrees. When the ambient temperature and water temperature exceed 30 degrees, most ice machines can only produce two-thirds of the unit of ice.
Fourth, the choice of ice machine can also be based on the shape of ice particles. Generally speaking, square ice is practical, round ice is beautiful, and moon ice is fast. Buyers can choose ice machine according to their own needs.
The hotel ice machine is still a relatively new thing for most people. The understanding of the ice machine is relatively superficial. Mastering the above methods can help us solve the problem of purchasing and ensure that we can purchase a high quality and reliable product. .

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