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Cryogenic Tank

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2018-03-19
The cryogenic tank and liquid nitrogen tank, cryogenic tank is also called liquid nitrogen tank, vertical or horizontal double vacuum insulated storage tank, the selection of materials for austenitic stainless steel; the outer container material according to the user area, according to the provisions of the state for the selection of Q235-B or 345R, the inner and the outer container filling perlite and interlayer insulation materials in vacuum.
The product is the National Technical Supervision Bureau on the spot inspection and the pressure vessel inspection certificate, the product specification has 5-100 cubic meters, the work pressure 0.8/1.6Mpa.
Cryogenic Tank
Nitrogen is the main raw material of the nitrogen fertilizer industry. Nitrogen in metallurgical industry is mainly used as protective gas, such as steel rolling, galvanizing, chromium, heat treatment, continuous casting and so on as protective gas.
In addition, the injection of nitrogen to the blast furnace can improve the quality of the iron. It is widely used in the electronics industry, the chemical industry, the petroleum industry and the glass industry.