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What Brand Of Commercial Ice Machine Is Good

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2017-09-29
        What Brand Of Commercial Ice Machine Is Good
        Commercial ice maker is one of the most commonly used equipment in hotel kitchen equipment. It is a refrigeration equipment that cools ice through refrigeration system to produce ice. With the development of society and people's    production level continues to improve, with the ice industry more and more widely, the quality of ice requirements are getting higher and higher. The ice machine "high performance", "low failure rate", "health" and other requirements more and more urgent. The role of ice-making machine on the hotel's kitchen is huge, then we buy ice machine, we should pay attention to what aspects? Previously we described the commercial ice machine how much money this one article, I believe that everyone in the system Ice machine selection will be a lot of help, then I introduce you to what brand of ice machine for your reference. Commercial ice machine purchase should pay attention to its ice production, production technology and after-sales service in three areas.
        First of all: the root cause of the ice machine production is that the machine has a strong "heart" that is the ice machine compressor. What brand of the compressor directly determines the size of the capacity of ice production, of course, although there are good brands of compressors, but the producers in order to save costs, useful small one power compressor, production capacity will be greatly reduced, So not only the compressor brand is better, the power should also choose the appropriate.
        Second: from the process of poor quality of the poor price of ice-making machine, not into a system, into the history of the production process, grinding a sword, not a system, only the surface effort, in fact, ice machine production process, although not Complex, but the refrigeration system design and improvement is indeed not to be overlooked, technical and material requirements will be high.
Finally, after-sales service, and now a lot of the level of rational customers to buy ice machines are looking at a company's brand reputation reputation effect, so that we choose the ice machine, then we generally recommend that you choose a brand, good quality, although Said the cost may be slightly higher, but these things will bring me unexpected results in the late.
        Tianchi ice machine as a well-known brand of commercial refrigeration industry, has been focused on the field of refrigeration, with refrigeration in the field of professional standards and mature technology in the industry with 15 years of history, hope and industry parties work together for China's commercial To contribute to the development of refrigeration.