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Classification Of Tianchi Liquid Nitrogen Tanks

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2017-09-22
       Classification Of Tianchi Liquid Nitrogen Tanks
       Tianchi liquid nitrogen tank in accordance with the different definition of the standard can be divided into liquid nitrogen transport tank,liquid nitrogen storage tank, Self-pressurized Cryogenic Vessel liquid nitrogen tank, glass liner liquid nitrogen tank, Nitrogen tanks and self-draining liquid nitrogen tank
       1, Liquid nitrogen transport tank
       Transport tank mainly has a special shock design, in addition to standing storage, but also in the liquid nitrogen state, for transport use, but should avoid violent collision and vibration.
       2, Liquid nitrogen storage tank
       Storage tanks are mainly used for indoor liquid nitrogen storage, preservation of experimental specimens, such as tissue table and so on.
       3, Self - pressurized liquid nitrogen tank
       It is composed of an infusion valve, a bleed valve, a double pressure valve, a pressure gauge, a liquid level gauge, an infusion tube, a movable casters and a container body. The working principle is that the container is provided with a self- A small amount of liquid nitrogen in the vessel produces a pressure to allow the container to drain liquid nitrogen and to use other equipment that requires cooling.
       4, Glass liner liquid nitrogen tank
       It is a kind of ideal container and tool for storing liquid gas, low temperature research and crystal element protection.
       5, Filling liquid infusion liquid nitrogen tank
       The aerated liquid immersion liquid nitrogen tank is practically similar to the self-pressurized Tianchi liquid nitrogen tank. The self-pressurized Tianchi liquid nitrogen tank is produced by increasing the volume of gas produced by the internal liquid nitrogen to produce liquid nitrogen.
       6, Self-draining liquid nitrogen tank
       Tianchi Self-draining liquid nitrogen tank is actually a pressurized liquid nitrogen tank, in the tank on the installation of a liquid nitrogen pump, liquid nitrogen pump with hand-pinch rubber ball. Is the use of pinch rubber ball when a little liquid nitrogen into the gasification chamber. Produce gasification to increase the volume to produce pressure. The liquid nitrogen in the liquid nitrogen tank is discharged.