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Cattle Ultrasound Instructions

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2017-10-13

   Cattle Ultrasound Instructions

       Cattle with B super multi-use in the dairy cow, used to dairy cow in the body to investigate the health of calves. Generally use the scanning method to detect. Use as follows:
       Cattle ultrasound in the application of dairy cows, including in vitro exploration, vaginal exploration and rectal exploration method, which is most suitable for cows to check the rectal exploration method. Baoding dairy cows, so that after the excretion of manure, lubricate the probe with a lubricant. Operators standing in the back of the cow, open the host and fixed with his left hand, while the right hand holding the probe in-depth rectal, first find the location of the reproductive organs of the cow, the probe close to the top of the reproductive organs to explore. In the course of the inspection, the ambient light should be moderate, such as light over the application of cloth cover the display screen to produce effective gray shadow effect.
       Cattle with B-operation process:
       1, First understand the breeding status of cattle and breeding records, adult cow breeding days to be greater than 30 days, young cattle breeding days to more than 25 days, so that we can carry out B breeding.
       2, The cattle standing Baoding in the barn, try to avoid cattle swing back and forth.
       3, The cattle rectification of the manure as far as possible to take out to avoid cow dung on the B-scan probe imaging adverse effects. (Dig cow dung)
       4, In the rectification of the rectum within the feces at the same time, the uterine horn and ovarian position in the pelvic touch to help to know the B-probe in a specific location. (Looking for location)
       5, Touch the uterine horn and ovarian position, to understand both sides of the uterine horn and ovarian development changes, the initial determination of which side of the uterine horn changes or ovarian full, in order to help know where the B-probe on the side Uterine horns. (Direction)
       6, The B-probe into the rectum, we want to detect the uterine horn side (uterine angle small bend or big bend), scan, get the image, determine the results.