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Can liquid nitrogen container be frost and frozen

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2019-04-29
Is it possible to use frost or ice during the use of liquid nitrogen container?
A: There is frost or ice formation. It may be due to the absorption of energy by liquid nitrogen vaporization. The water vapor in the air is agglomerated. If it is not used, the temperature is not very low. It may be leaking nitrogen. It is recommended to replace the liquid Nitrogen container.
Can liquid nitrogen container be frost and frozen?
There are also many reasons for icing outside the liquid nitrogen container. For example, sometimes there are some problems with tank insulation. The liquid nitrogen tank is insulated by pearl sand insulation, and the vacuum powder is insulated and insulated. If it is the pearl sand insulation, it can be checked whether the pearl sand is sufficient, and whether the interlayer sealing gas can ensure the micro positive pressure;
Whether the vacuum of the vacuum powder insulation meets the requirements. The problem of insulation is solved, and the ice on the tank naturally melts and falls off.