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Can animal B ultrasound be done in vitro

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2019-10-09
Animal B ultrasound is mainly used for estimating pregnancy and litter size of pigs, cattle, sheep, horses and other animals. It is mainly used in farms and pet hospitals where scientific research has been done. In addition, animal B ultrasound can be directly operated in vitro.
Ultrasound in vitro detection of animals generally in the lower abdomen, the upper part of the breast in front of the back rib, probe close to the abdominal wall, early pregnancy exploration, probe towards the front edge of the pubic bone, pelvic entrance direction, or oblique 45 degrees above the opposite side, probe close to the skin, front, back and up and down fixed-point sector scan, slow action. Early pregnancy embryos are very small. Sometimes it is necessary to press the probe inward on the abdominal wall so that the intestinal tube can be squeezed closer to the uterus and the detection rate can be improved.
Can animal B ultrasound be done in vitro
During in vitro exploration, the probe is close to the abdominal wall. During early pregnancy, the probe is directed towards the front edge of the pubic bone, the pelvic entrance, or obliquely over the opposite side at a 45-degree angle. The probe is close to the skin, and the front, back and up-and-down sector scan is performed. The movement is slow. Early pregnancy embryo is very small, it can be detected only by careful slow scan. Do not slide the probe on the skin, fast scan. (Exploration methods can be used flexibly according to the actual situation, which can be used to detect the situation in the uterus. When the bladder of the pig is filled with urine, the uterus is blocked and the uterus can not be swept to the uterus or only part of the uterus can be detected, it should be detected after the pig has finished urinating).