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Biological liquid nitrogen container instruction manual

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2019-06-03
The biological liquid nitrogen container is mainly used for preserving biological samples. Liquid nitrogen and cryotubes are needed for the preservation of samples. In order to prevent the samples from failing, the cans should be inspected frequently during use. When filling the liquid nitrogen, personal protective equipment should be worn.
1) Check the liquid level indicator of the liquid nitrogen container
2) If it is empty during normal working hours, please replenish it in time to avoid the invalidation of the saved sample.
3) If handling liquid nitrogen tanks, please wear appropriate personal protective equipment, including lab coats, safety glasses, face shields, gloves.
4) Do not seal the can, it is easy to explode
Biological liquid nitrogen container instruction manual
Description of the filling liquid nitrogen container
1) Put appropriate liquid protective equipment as described above and place the liquid nitrogen tank on a well ventilated floor.
2) Place the end of the hose into the container and loosen the liquid nitrogen tank valve.
3) Continue to fill the cans to the desired level.
4) Close the valve and put the hose back in place.
Note: Always wear protective clothing, gloves, boots, loose clothing and a face mask;