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A Typical Image Of Three Typical Periods Of Animal Ultrasonic Scanning Apparatus

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2017-09-30
        Aquaculture industry continues to develop, pig farmers are constantly increasing, for most of the pig farmers are pregnant and health status is very important, and now the rapid development of science and technology, the emergence of animal ultrasonic scanning a great benefit. So the veterinary B-machine on the sow pregnancy test what? Take a look at the following description.
        The application of animal Ultrasonic has not been widely promoted in our country,the important reason is that people lack of knowledge of the technology, most are not familiar with the application of B in the veterinary work, but also do not recognize the B-technology in the livestock industry With the customer 's requirements for animal breeding and animal disease diagnosis and treatment, the traditional eye - catching, stethoscope, thermometer, percussion hammering these diagnostic methods can not meet the clinical needs of livestock production and veterinary.
        Analysis of the ultrasonography of the veterinary animal B - diagnosed sow during pregnancy. Sows are pregnant each time the images have their own characteristics, but summed up the typical images of three typical periods.
        1, Empty image, the instrument detects the uterus for a gray, no content.
        2, Pregnant 21-65 days of the image, 21-65 days of sow pregnancy for the maternal period, we see the pregnant images are gestational sac, gestational sac in the B-show black round black hole.
        3, Pregnant 70 days after the image, this time the pig bone has been calcified, this time no longer have a black gestational sac, and the performance of a arc like a dotted piglet vertebrae, this time is not easy to judge, but and empty images Contrast or there is a big difference.
        In another case, when the sow uterus all holding the bladder when the bladder blocked, this time should not be pregnant test, but should wait for sows after the urine test, because the uterus has been blocked by the bladder, can not see the inside of the uterus Of the situation, this time the most prone to misjudgment, the uterus was blocked by the bladder image, the bladder is a large black dark area.
        Gestational sac and bladder distinction, gestational sac and bladder with black dark area, the distinction is: the bladder is a large area of dark dark areas, and the entire screen on a pregnant child is not a small black dark area , The general shape of the rules, for the round or close to the round, gestational sac usually on the screen can show a lot of.