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Animal husbandry liquid nitrogen tank instruction manual

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2019-04-08
Liquid nitrogen tank are used in the livestock industry, mainly for freezing semen and embryos, but the premise of freezing is to keep the tank in a low temperature environment. To this end, the tank is filled with ultra-low temperature liquid nitrogen, and the ultra-low temperature characteristic inhibition of liquid nitrogen The metabolic capacity of organisms such as sperm and embryos allows long-term preservation of semen and embryos.
Animal husbandry liquid nitrogen tank instruction manual
Liquid nitrogen tank product description:
This product is mainly used with a liquid nitrogen container with a diameter of 50mm to pressurize the inside of the container, thereby conveying the liquid nitrogen inside the liquid nitrogen container to the external device; the feature is that the structure is plucked, convenient to use, and highly versatile. Safe and practical, it avoids the trouble and waste of artificially dumping liquid nitrogen, and greatly improves the safety and convenience of work.