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Liquid Nitrogen Tank Use Manual

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2017-09-04
        Liquid Nitrogen Tank Precautions
        1) Once the operation site a large number of aerosols, or liquid nitrogen fluid splash flow, immediately evacuated the scene, to the accident area closed off the valve cut off the source of leakage. Pay attention to safety precautions.
        2) Involved in liquid nitrogen operation, need to wear protective masks to protect the face and eyes, cold anti-penetration gloves to protect the hand, the tooling must be fully wear the appropriate non-exposed parts.
        3) Switch Operation The liquid nitrogen valve must stand at a relatively open position on the side of the possible leak or side of the leak.
        4) Before the use of liquid nitrogen, the use of the end of the use of the whole and keep the use of liquid nitrogen downstream positions in order to occur in case of accidental and timely treatment.
        Fault Handling Procedures
        1) The pressure is too high to open the exhaust valve (HCV-12).
        2) When the tank safety valve from the pressure is too high and take off, first open the vent valve, pressure to 0.45Mpa, reduce the tank pressure, and then switch the three-way valve to the standby safety valve, pay close attention to the pressure inside the tank changes, not In the safety valve take-off but no pressure to switch the case of three-way valve to the standby safety valve, otherwise it will lead to standby safety valve take-off.
        3) When the leakage occurs, the protection of properly circumstances must take measures to cut off the upstream valve, notify the relevant departments.
        Operating Parameters
        1) Liquid nitrogen transport pressure of not less than 0.35Mpa, not higher than 0.6Mpa.
        2) Liquid volume of not less than 25% of reserves, duty should be promptly informed suppliers, when the difficulties, should inform the relevant departments to send liquid nitrogen.
        1) Inspection personnel are not free to move the valve, decompression device, when the problem is found in time to inform the equipment management department.
        2) Maintenance work, by the equipment design and manufacturing sector is responsible.