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Animal B Super Pregnancy Monitoring And Disease Testing Methods

Edit: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd    Date:2017-11-24
1, Pig inspection: The sows can be seized within the confinement bar free standing or lying on the inside of the thigh, the last papillary lateral abdominal wall exploration. Probes simply probe coated with coupling agent, and then attached to the lower abdominal wall can be. Exploration without any injury and stimulation, with a short probing time, no stress, high accuracy. 
Visual image, when you see the dark gestational sac dark area or fetal bone images to confirm the positive pregnancy early. Early detection of pregnancy can be carried out as early as 18 days after breeding, and the accuracy of pregnancy monitoring can reach 100% at 22 days.
Animal B Super Pregnancy Monitoring And Disease Testing Methods
2, Cattle inspection: rectal examination or body surface can be used. Rectal examination can be directly into the rectum probe, 32 days, the accuracy of up to 100%.
3, The other parts of the animal's inspection: the parts of the body surface to be inspected after a simple hair removal coated with a coupling agent can be obtained by turning the probe organs were examined a variety of cross-sectional images to diagnose a variety of diseases .